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All parents are members of the Parent - Teacher Association of the school. The aims and objectives of the association are:

(1) To bring better understanding of the problems of the pupils, parents, teachers and to help to find solution.

(2) To be in close touch with the pupil's progress, discipline, health, physical education, obedience to teachers, regularity in doing assignments etc.

Rev Mother. Seena Mathalikunnel


Rev Mother. Seena MathalikunnelSABS

Rev Mother Elsy Manickal

Local Manager

Rev Mother Elsy ManickalSABS

Sr. Ancitta Poovatholil


Sr. Ancitta PoovatholilSABS

Sr. Elseena Thekkevayalil

Vice- Principal

Sr. Elseena ThekkevayalilSABS

Fr.Joseph Kattakayam

Vicar & Spiritual Guidence

Fr.Joseph Kattakayam

Fr.George Karivelickal


Fr.George Karivelickal