About Jai Matha School

Who We Are

Jai Matha Public School is a catholic institution established and managed by Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (S.A.B.S) of Jai Matha Province Idukki.

The Congregation

The SABS Congregation was founded in 1908 by Venerable Mar. Thomas Kurialacherry, an ardent devotee of the Holy Eucharist. It had its origin in the personal experience of the Love of Eucharistic Lord by Venerable Mar Thomas Kurialacherry (1873-1925), the first bishop of Changanacherry and the Servant of God Mother Mary Francisca de Chantal (1880 – 1972), the first member and Co - Foundress of the congregation. Mar Thomas Kurialacherry says that even from his childhood, he earnestly desired to have a group of people to adore Holy Eucharist, the supreme expression of the love of God to mankind. While in Rome, the long hours spent before the Blessed Sacrament in the Perpetual Adoration chapels, instilled in him a deep personal relationship with Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and an ardent desire to make the Eucharistic Jesus known, loved and adored by all, always and everywhere. He was attracted and influenced by the word of God “I am coming to cast fire on earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?” (Lk.12, 49).

He wanted to bring all the people to the true faith and adoration which he considered would bring victory over the ignorance, faithlessness and adultery prevailing in his home land, Kerala. Started with 5 members, the congregation has now grown like a 'mustard seed' taking roots across the globe and radiating the Eucharistic presence through perpetual adoration, and various ministries. We engage in education ministry, healing ministry and social apostolate in response to the pressing needs of the time.

At present, the SABS has about 5000 sisters spread over 20 provinces and 3 regions in India and outside. We work collectively, draining strength from Jesus present in the Holy Eucharist, to support and nurture every institution under our management.

Sr. Sheeba George Jai Matha School Marayoor

Venerable Mar Thomas Kurialacherry


Our Founder

Jai Matha School Marayoor

Servant of God Mother Mary Francisca de Chantal

(1880 – 1972)

Our Co- Foundress and First Member

Jai Matha Province

Bifurcating St. Mary's Province Kothamangalam, Jai Matha Province, Idukki was established in the year of 2003, as the 17th province of the Adoration Congregation. Mother Charles Alapaattu was the first Provincial Superior. The sisters belong to the province work in the Eparchy of Idukki, spreading the Eucharistic love and mercy among the people around. Sisters are engaged in Eucharistic Adoration, education apostolate, social work and healing ministry in India. We undertake pastoral work in the parishes by giving counselling, conducting prayer meetings and by taking the leadership of various pious organizations.

Our sisters are also participating in the healing ministry of Jesus in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. At present the province has 20 convents in Kerala and 1 house in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, which radiate the Eucharistic spirituality among the people.

Educational Vision of our Founder

SABS apostolate in the field of education is a call to take part in the teaching mission of the church. True education is directed towards the development of personality, in view of the ultimate end of man. We learn from Jesus Christ, the greatest teacher, the art of teaching and the sense of commitment.

As a pioneer of Catholic education, Venerable Bp. Mar Thomas Kurialacherry took steps to start new schools and to upgrade the existing ones in the Eparchy of Changanacherry. Bp. Kurialacherry, who had seen from Europe how education had contributed to the progress of society, was convinced that without education, the community could never make any headway. Bp. Kurialacherry's initiative in promoting women's education is a testimony to his far-sightedness. For him women's education was of utmost importance. At a time when women did not enjoy equal status in society, and when their role in society was confined to the four walls of the house, Bishop Kurialacherry had the foresight to realise the essential role of women's education in the advancement of society. And one of the objectives for founding SABS was the promotion of women's education. He said, " By establishing schools for girls, you can renew and improve families, territories and nations and draw them closer to God most effectively." His great achievement in the field of education was the founding of St. Berchmans' College (1922) in Changanacherry.

The School

Envisaged and established by the Sisters of the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (SABS), Jai Matha Public School (also known as JMPS) started functioning in 2000 with the lofty vision of imparting progressive education suited to the changing needs of the society. Set in MARAYOOR, the outskirts of Idukki district, this Co- educational institution run by SABS sisters of Jai Matha province, Idukki, is an extension of the SABS educational apostolate to impart quality education at affordable fees to the children near the Kerala - Tamilnadu border. Provided with a serene atmosphere for study, ample facilities for work and entertainment, JMPS always stands as a second home for both staff and students.

Rooted in Gospel values, JMPS is dedicated to extend holistic education, focusing on the formation of intellectually advanced, culturally refined and spiritually solid personalities through the steady development of intellectual and academic competency, socialization and interpersonal skills. JMPS joins hands with the national dream of a fully developed India, by promoting National and personal integrity and religious harmony.


The PTA plays an important role in the school community. The volunteer work of parents, teachers and staff members aims to foster a strong sense of school community, to enhance communication and understanding between school and parents, and to enrich pupils’ learning experiences. All parents are members of the Parent – Teacher Association of the school.

The aims and objectives of the association are:

  • To bring better understanding of the problems of the pupils, parents, teachers and to help to find solutions.
  • To be in close touch with the pupil’s progress, discipline, health, physical education, obedience to teachers, regularity in doing assignments etc.
  • To arrange meetings, seminars and cultural programmes for improving the relationship between parents, pupils and teachers.
  • To raise funds for the specific purpose of the school's welfare.

The Parent-Teacher Association is expected to meet periodically.
PTA Executive 2021-22

The school is managed by SABS sisters belonging to Idukki province of the Congregation.

Manager Jai Matha School Marayoor

Rev Mother. Regi Panthalani SABS


Local Manager Jai Matha School Marayoor

Sr. Lucy Njavarakkattu SABS

Local Manager

Councillor in charge of Education Jai Matha School Marayoor

Sr Maria Mangalathil SABS

Councillor in charge of Education

Principal Jai Matha School Marayoor

Sr. Ancil Puravakkattu SABS (Sheeba George)


Vice-Principal Jai Matha School Marayoor

Sr. Ashly Vandanamthadathil SABS



Formation of an elite group of intellectually advanced, culturally refined and morally upright persons by instilling faith in God and a life based on higher values.


Committed to mould outstanding men and women of character, imbued with noteworthy qualities and suited to the changing needs and aspirations of our country. Inculcate in our students the spirit of patriotism, universal brotherhood, sense of civil rights and duties, goal oriented life, upholding noble principles and lofty ideals and to respond to the challenges of the contemporary world.